With the latest update, the tags have been reworked to allow you to use colors, hide them from public users, and quickly search or create new ones from any post.

Head over to your Featurebase Dashboard -> Settings -> Tags to add color to your existing tags.

You can also make tags private to hide them from all public board visitors. It's great for giving more context to a post internally.

To create new tags you no longer have to go to the settings. Just type the name of your new tag into the Tag dropdown input field and click "Create new".

March 23rd 2023




Infrastructure upgrades πŸ“

Due to recently increasing server loads, we made significant upgrades to our infrastructure to enable faster loading times and greater reliability.

New features and bug fixes πŸ’‘

In addition to that, we shipped some features to help you manage feedback even better:

  • You can send metadata along with a post to identify what version of your app a client is using & other custom information

  • Reorder boards, statuses, and tags from the settings

  • Support for code blocks in the text editor

  • Fixed a bug with navigating to all posts from the public board

  • Embed Youtube videos (Support for all video types is coming soon)

  • Can now mark onboarding steps as completed from one button

  • Changed board prefilled content to use placeholder rather than text

  • Featurebase will continue tracking your Linear issue when you convert it into a project

and many other small bug fixes...

Affiliate program ⭐

We also launched our affiliate program. If you love using Featurebase and want to share it with others, you can now get a nice 35% commission for a year:

March 17th 2023


Our official Slack integration is now live!

Here are the possibilities:

  • Automatically send new Featurebase post notifications to a specific Slack channel and manage it from there

  • Send existing Slack messages to Featurebase with the "Send to Featurebase" shortcut button

  • Use the /featurebase command to send feedback to Featurebase from Slack

Learn more from our setup video and documentation.

March 9th 2023


Our Linear integration is now live to help you automatically push all new feedback to Linear and reflect development from your public feedback board & roadmap.

Here are the possibilities:

  • Sync Linear issues with Featurebase posts

  • Featurebase automatically notifies users when you change the status of their requested posts

  • Let people vote on features and have new feedback automatically appear in your Linear backlog or triage

  • Easily hop between linked Featurebase posts from Linear to clarify any use cases

Learn more from our setup video and documentation.

March 6th 2023


You can now merge duplicate and similar posts into one.

Here's a quick preview πŸ‘‡

You can merge posts from the top right "Manage post" section:

When using post moderation, you can merge new pending posts into similar existing ones from the pending dropdown at the dashboard:

February 2nd 2023




We're happy to announce a lot of improvements and new features to Featurebase. 😊

Dashboard improvements:

The Dashboard has received an extensive rework with countless improvements.

  1. Select multiple posts and perform actions on them - You can now select multiple posts by hovering over the left side of a post and do bulk changes on them.

  2. Change Status, Board, and Tags straight from the main view - Change post parameters straight from the Dashboard posts page by clicking on the Status, Board, or Tag element to open a dropdown.

  3. New filters - Filters have been reworked to be easier to use.

  4. Approve posts from dropdown - Rather than opening the post you can approve and reject posts from the main view.

Roadmap improvements:

The Roadmap also received tons of improvements with this update.

  1. You can now change the Status, Board, and Tags straight from the roadmap view - This is similar to the changes on the Dashboard posts page.

  2. Quarterly and monthly roadmap - When you change the ETA for posts, you can visualize your product roadmap in a monthly and quarterly view now.

  3. More filtering options & Reworked mobile view - You can now apply a lot of new filters to the roadmap view and the mobile view has also received a rework:

Changelog improvements:

  1. Scheduling - You can now set an exact date and time for when you want your changelog to be released.

  2. Reworked design - The changelog should now be more intuitive to use with new design changes.

Widget improvements:

  1. Widget light mode - The widget now supports light mode and defaults to the user's default system settings.

  2. Improved design - The widget's layout has also received a slight rework with a nice gradient.

Settings improvements:

The settings page has been reorganized to make it easier to find stuff.

Linear integration:

Featurebase now has an amazing integration with Linear that allows you to sync the state of tasks between the two tools.

Learn more from Dashboard -> Settings -> Linear.

+ Tons of other bug fixes and performance improvements

This is just a small set of features that we worked on in January. πŸ™‚

Expect tons of other polishing changes and new features in Q1.

February 1st 2023


You can now change the default theme of your public feedback board to light or dark.

This will force the theme of your public board to be light or dark (even if the user's system color scheme is different) and remove the theme selector.

You can enable it from Dashboard -> Settings -> Branding -> Default theme:

January 17th 2023



You can now set a date/quarter for when you expect to release a new feature

This is incredibly useful for letting users know when to expect something new in your app.

Quarterly roadmaps are now also available

After setting ETA's for posts, you can visualize your quarterly roadmap from Dashboard.

January 4th 2023


We are super excited to launch our feature validator popup.

Here's how it works ✨

1. Find a feature you want to validate and click "Validate feature" from the menu.

2. Copy-paste a few lines of code into your app and make the popup open from your desired button or element.

3. Preview how important a feature is and how many people have subscribed to receive updates from it.

4. You just saved a lot of time by not building a feature no one cared about. βœ…

Read more about it from our documentation.

December 26th 2022

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